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Digital communication has diversified and so have our preferences, making it nearly impossible to reach your entire target market with just one channel. Orchestrating a successful marketing campaign has become an all-in-one marketing effort in order to find what works.

Baby boomers use email every day. Young adults prefer text to email. Generation X relies more on reviews. And now nearly half the world can’t function without social media. The only way to reach 100% today is to incorporate all channels of communication. Let me help you navigate the endless opportunities that are available to market your business. By following this time tested process you can accomplish your goals.

 Process Overview

Step 1: Kick off Meeting

  • Outline your current situation, priorities and needs of your business.
  • Determine the sales goals of your business and discover what efforts are working and not working.
  • Review current website analytics and determine key point indicators that compliment goals.
  • Perform keyword analysis, competitor analysis and market analysis.
  • Determine what types of marketing channels will compliment your business goals.

Step 2: Content Planning, Development & Deployment

  • Create road map of all digital marketing options to achieve business goals.
  • Determine marketing spend and which areas to place marketing collateral.
  • Develop new offers based on your buyer personality and business goals.
  • Create collateral for all selected channels. (landing pages, calls to action, call tracking etc.)
  • Deploy and track performance.

Step 3: Monthly Marketing Meetings:

  • In-depth onsite meetings to review strategy and performance.
  • Develop ongoing strategy for selecting relevant key performance indicators, performance goals and timelines.
  • Tracking monthly performance of key performance indicators which allows easy assessment of goal attainment or deficiencies.
  • Comprehensive reporting.  No data puking.
  • Strategies for improvement to accomplish and exceed marketing goals.
  • Regular updates to review progress, assess key performance indicators, update strategy as well as identify and overcome challenges.


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